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Project Details

The Highway 3 widening project extends from 1.2 km East of Essex Road 23 Easterly to 1.1 km East of Essex Road 34 as shown on the interactive project map below. This project will build on the previously completed Preliminary Design as documented in the 2006 Approved Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) and Preliminary Design Report (PDR) (Earth Tech Canada Inc.), the 2021 Approved TESR Addendum (GHD), as well as the 2021 Design Build Ready Report (GHD). The project is being completed as a Group ‘B’ undertaking following MTO’s Class EA for Provincial Transportation Facilities. For more information about the Class EA process, please refer to the Class EA page of this website.

Overall, the widening of Highway 3 includes the following key improvements:

  • A new 4-lane cross section with a 15m depressed median, with two new lanes being constructed for the eastbound direction and resurfacing/reconstruction of the existing lanes for the westbound direction

  • Closure of Cameron Side Road / Concession Road 9, Marsh Road / Concession Road 8, Inman Side Road / South Talbot Road and Upcott Side Road

  • Concession Road 8 and McCain Side Road connection and intersection removal

  • Traffic signal replacement for the Highway 3 widening at Division Road (Essex Road 29) and Union Avenue (Essex Road 34)

  • New traffic signals at Belle River Road (Essex Road 29), Essex Road 18 and Graham Side Road. Realignment of South Talbot Road at Belle River Road (Essex Road 27) and Division Road Essex Road 29)

  • Realignment and extension of Division Road (Essex Road 29) from 130 m north of the future west South Talbot Road connection with Division Road to Highway 3 and the Unnamed Road from Division Road (Essex Road 29) to Inman Side Road

  • Realignment of Essex Road 18 at Highway 3

  • Drainage improvements including abandonment/extension/rehabilitation/replacement   of culverts.

Project Schedule

*Schedule Subject to Change*

Project Location

The study area includes the section of Highway 3 from 1.2 km east of Essex Road 23 easterly to 1.1 km east of  Essex Road 34

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