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Construction Updates

Construction 2023

Current Lane Closures/Notices:


Highway 3 from County Road 8 to Cameron Side Road

  • Intermittent reduction to a single lane along North Malden Road controlled by flag persons

    • Monday, March 20 to Friday, April 28 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily


Construction Activities for March 2023

  • Bridge Deck Pouring at Westbound Structure

  • Toe Wall for Slope Paving at Eastbound Structure

  • Road Excavation

  • Granular A Placement

  • Trimming and Subdrain Installation

  • Topsoil & Hydroseed Bank Restoration

Construction 2023
  • Construction of new westbound lanes

  • Removal of Highway 3 access for Ellis Side Road south of Highway 3.

  • Completion of North Malden Pedestrian Crossing

  • Completion of Multiuse Trail from Fairview Avenue to Greenway Trail

  • Planting vegetation / buffer strip between Highway 3 and South Talbot Road North

Topsoil Stripping - North Property Line

Removing Bags 2.jpg

Removing Bags

Essex Outlet Drain.jpg

Essex Outlet Drain

Old Hwy 3 and Victoria Rd. Intersection

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