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Contract 1: Highway 3 Widening from Ellis to Essex

Project Background

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) retained Coco Paving Inc. (Coco) and Dillon Consulting Limited (Dillon) to complete the Design-Build (DB) contract for the Class Environmental Assessment (EA), Detailed Design and construction for the widening of Highway 3 from 0.8 km west of Ellis Side Road easterly to 2.2 km east of Essex County Road 23. 

To allow construction to move ahead in unison with the design process, three construction contracts will be produced. A Design and Construction Report (DCR) will be prepared for each of the three construction contracts and will be made available for a 30-day public review period.

Prior to this Design-Build Contract, the Highway 3 improvements underwent a Preliminary Design, initial Detail Design and Class EA phase, beginning in September 2012 and ending in November 2016. Included in the Preliminary Design phase was the completion of a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) Addendum (November 2016). In September, 2020, an advanced work detail design and Class EA contract was also completed by Stantec Consulting Limited; the findings of which were published in a Design and Construction Report (DCR) made available for 30-day public review from September 17, 2020, to October 20, 2020. Copies of both previous publicly available design related documents are available below. 

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