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Contract 1: Highway 3 Widening from Ellis to Essex

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Project Details

The Highway 3 widening project extends from 0.8 km west of Ellis Side Road easterly to 2.2 km east of Essex County Road 23 as shown on the interactive project map below. This project will build on the previously completed design work documented in the Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) which received approval in December, 2016. The project is being completed as a Group ‘B’ undertaking following MTO’s Class EA for Provincial Transportation Facilities. For more information about the Class EA process, please refer to the Class EA page of this website.

The widening of Highway 3 is a multi-year construction project and includes three contracts. A Design and Construction Report (DCR) will be prepared to document the scope of work, potential impacts and mitigation measures for each construction contract. As each DCR is completed, it will be made available for a 30-day public review period prior to Construction Start. For more information about the scope of work in each contract, please click on the applicable button below.

Overall, the widening of Highway 3 includes the following key improvements:

  • Design and construction of two new overpasses

  • Removal of Highway 3 access at Victoria Avenue

  • Extension of five existing structural culverts

  • Addition of two structural culverts

  • Partial closure of Ellis Sideroad

  • Municipal road realignments

  • Municipal road extensions

  • Intersection improvements

  • Municipal Drain realignment

  • Drainage improvements

  • Multi-use trail (pedestrian and bicycle) north of Highway 3

  • Replace and construct sidewalks

This page will be updated as information becomes available. 


The project is located along Highway 3 from 0.8 km west of Ellis Side Rd. easterly to 2.2 km east of Essex County Road 23

Project Documents
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2020-11-02 10_53_36-TEAR_Final_October 3
2020-11-02 10_54_10-TEAR_Final_October 3

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Project Documents
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